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We are pleased to announce our new partnership with WalkerTracker, Inc., a leader in fitness challenge platforms.

Get your company moving and energized. Contact us for information and pricing

Nutritional Tidbits:

Advice From Dr. Feiwel

programs are individualized to meet your company's needs

specializing in small- and medium-sized companies

PHYSICIAN-BASED Corporate Wellness Solutions in New York city

Dr Feiwel offers her corporate clients the ideal combination of medical expertise, corporate experience, and compassion. Focusing on nutritional and wellness counseling along with a range of lifestyle medicine presentations Physician-Based Corporate Wellness Solutions in New York will meet your company's wellness needs

  • Individual Consultations
  • Seminars
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Biometric Testing
  • Corporate Challenges
  • Workplace Assessment
  • Unlimited options to meet your needs


Promoting health and wellness at the workplace